We started serving Manufacturers, Distributors, Exporters and Importers when living in Japan in the late 1970's, who were looking to increase market share using the next new technology to revolutionize communication and their industry.  Later we became International Manufacturers Reps and Exporters ourselves for US, Latin American and Caribbean markets.   As we entered the Computer and Internet age, we were always years ahead in predicting demand.   Our customers grew to depend on us to know what technologies to invest in and how to integrate LAN and WAN environments.

Our CEO Pedro Castelblanco, has watched the digital age come to maturity and that means watching al lot of major industry and consumer changes.  He knows to expect the unexpected in economic cycles and shifts caused by new technology revolutions. He thrives in an international marketplace that offers new challenges of unique market conditions.  He sticks to tried and true ways to forecast demand and was an early pioneer in predicting how Social Media would impact the consumer and mobile environments. " Technology is the universal unifier that has leveled economic classe differences.  We know the difference between trendy things that come and go and we consistently back winning horses." 

While our core organization includes highly experienced Sales, Marketing and Technology Project Managers with global expertise, our strategic alliances include domestic and international exporters, importers, stocking distributers, Value Added Resellers and OEM companies.

We look forward to being of service to you where ever and in whatever capacity you need from us.

Kindest Personal Regards,

Pedro J. Castelblanco

CEO of America's Trade Source